"We started the SEO program and experienced great momentum in the first year, and then in the second year we got even better results! This SEO plan has given us the exact results that we desired!"

Anthony Arco, Owner
Poolside Pros


Rockford Chamber of Commerce

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With our custom strategies we make sure to deliver awesome results

Forward Equity Marketing Group is a full service Firm that can facilitate all of your marketing and advertising needs. 
Our full range of capabilities includes strategic media planning, digital marketing, web design, graphic design, video & audio production, PR and all print communications. 
With over thirty five years of experience to help you meet your goals and forge partnerships.
Jeffrey Vito Addotta, President
Forward Equity Marketing Group
Jeff Addotta
We are not a website design firm that develops cookie cutter websites for our clients. We take an in-depth look at your business and its core competencies, and then we develop a website that not only looks spectacular, but also speaks well to your target customer. While this seems simple, it is actually an art form that requires experience in delivering effective websites for business. With over 10 years in web, I know how to lead our team of developers to create a website that moves your business to the next level. Contact us now and let's chat about your upcoming project...
John LiCausi
Web Expert

Traditional media done right

We can save you money and improve your targeting.

Forward Equity Marketing builds and facilitates strategic annual marketing plans for Woodmana’s Food Market’s in the Midwest that encompasses six DMA’s. We negotiate and evaluate with every traditional and digital media outlet that exists when building out our annual strategic marketing plan. Everyone gets availed but not everyone gets chosen.

We look at the big picture when we work for our clients to make sure they are always getting the best costs but more importantly the best CPM (cost per thousand). When we spend your money we make sure it is always the most cost efficient as well as having that effective impact on your campaign in order to drive results.

We also maintain and manage dozens of media outlets on a daily basis to make sure our clients campaigns are always running smoothly as well as make sure the campaigns are delivered as promised. This takes the process completely out of your hands and leaves only one thing for you the client to do and that is to approve or disapprove all decisions. Leave it to the experts and you will know you are always making the right decisions.

We know digital marketing

Developing effective solutions that bring ROI to your bottom line. Here are some client examples:



We are go-getters! We know our core marketing strengths, and we use those strengths to proactively grow your business.

“I have worked with Jeff Addotta on a professional level for over 10 years. He is a very forward thinking open-minded businessman that always puts the needs of his clients first. He knows this market well and knows the people and businesses in the market. He has proven to be a great partner on several projects and I would highly recommend his work. Integrity, character, and hard work are at the surface when speaking of Jeff.”

“While working with Jeff Addotta I was always impressed with the personal level of customer service he provided to every client. He truly works hard for them and is sincerely focused on growing their business. It was no accident that Jeff was the most successful Account Executive I worked with at Comcast Spotlight.  He understands the market and his experience helps identify new and creative approaches to television advertising and his work ethic made him the example others strived to follow.”

"Jeff Addotta is fantastic! I trust Jeff and his knowledge of his product. Jeff is great to work with, which makes my job a lot easier!"

Let Forward Equity Marketing Group elevate your business with our creativity and expertise!

Talent is no mistake

Our team works diligently to meet the needs of our clients.

Jeffrey Vito Addotta


Proficient in methodology and all traditional & digital data; Nielsen, SQAD data & all related materials. I have worked Developed business partnerships for 30 years. An ability to stay focused on priorities with highly effective communication, motivational and inspirational skills. I have been exposed to many years of training in research, multimedia strategy, sales and negotiation and client business evaluations.

Kristen Wells

Vice President

I enjoy being the Vice President of Forward Equity Marketing Group! I manage the day to day operations, and ensure that nothing falls in-between the cracks. From answering the phone, typing an email, or assisting our team with formulation of the traditional media marketing plans, I help do it all and love it!

John LiCausi

Web Specialist

I have been in the business of Internet marketing, website design, and SEO since 2008. I have seen how other companies handle their website design clients, and I am not impressed. I am also aware of the clutter throughout this industry that gets pushed onto business owners. My objective is to assist our clients with cutting through that clutter in order to develop an effective online plan that brings a quantifiable return on investment.

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