Forward Equity Marketing builds and facilitates strategic annual marketing plans for Woodmana’s Food Market’s in the Midwest that encompasses six DMA’s. We negotiate and evaluate with every traditional and digital media outlet that exists when building out our annual strategic marketing plan. Everyone gets availed but not everyone gets chosen.

We look at the big picture when we work for our clients to make sure they are always getting the best costs but more importantly the best CPM (cost per thousand). When we spend your money we make sure it is always the most cost efficient as well as having that effective impact on your campaign in order to drive results.

We also maintain and manage dozens of media outlets on a daily basis to make sure our clients campaigns are always running smoothly as well as make sure the campaigns are delivered as promised. This takes the process completely out of your hands and leaves only one thing for you the client to do and that is to approve or disapprove all decisions. Leave it to the experts and you will know you are always making the right decisions.

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